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"I also want your balls"

Dan, Katie and I saw Grindhouse last night and I had a blast.  I thought both movies were great, but Planet Terror was the better B-movie.
Some notes about the movies:

Machete (trailer)
    + What else would you do with a kidnapped wife and daughter?
    + Cheech kicks ass for a higher purpose

Planet Terror
    + Fergalicious!  (sorry I had to)
    + Rose McGowan is hott
    + testicle gags galore
    + gooey zombie mayhem (fantastic special effects)

Werewolf Women of the SS (trailer)
    + Udo Kier is the man
    + werewolves with sub-machine guns (still not sure why I found this so hilarious)

Name Witheld for spoiler reasons (trailer)
    + this is the weakest of the trailers, but still pretty good
    + the best part is the very end

Thanksgiving (trailer)
the announcer with the ridiculously deep voice fits the 70s/early 80s horror trailers perfectly
    + Eli Roth's style of slapstick is effectively used throughout

Death Proof
    + White Zombie's "Black Sunshine" comes to mind
    + Lots (maybe too much) of Tarantino dialogue made for very slow pacing
    + not enough of a gearhead/car chase movie fan to appreciate the cars

I'm glad we saw it at the Esquire, but apparently there was a trailer for Rob Zombie's version of Halloween with the national chain viewings.

Is it just me or does Amy Winehouse need to do the next James Bond themesong?  Chris Cornell was decent, but they need go back to what works.
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